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Mediterranean  Fuzion and  Mongolian Grill

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The Vines Winery...Mediterranean Fuzion / Mongolian Grill... Is the ultimate Winery with Wine Tastings from Wines from around the world, Wine - Champagne Bar and Resturant destination...
Our ambiance... attitude... love of wine... and the tantalizing of your pallet... is what sets us apart from all other wineries and restaurants.

Our exquisite menu captures the romance of pairing Fine Wine, Champagne, Martini's, Cocktails, Craft Beer and Wine Tastings with an exotic flare of flavor profiles to our Mediterranean and Mongolian Grill cuisine.

Our specialties include:
        Steak and Seafood...Crab and Shrimp
        New York Italian Specialties and Pasta's
        Mediterranean Beef and Lamb
        Mongolian Grill
        Freshly Sliced Meats and Vegetables
        Create Your Own Entrée
        Specialty Sauces... From Mild to Intenze Heat...

Sophisticated and Unforgettable in so many ways...
    For the aroma's of the cuisine as well as the ambiance are just breathtaking...
Presenting and coordinating absolutely unforgettable events, ceremonies, parties, gatherings, reunions    
    and socials for all occasions.

Live and Laugh... The Love of Wine... The Vines Style...

                                                    The Vines Winery
                                                    4929 West Market Street
                                                    Suite 2108
                                                    Greensboro, North Carolina, 27407

                                                    336. 676. 4425

                                                    VinesWinery @

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